Manufacture Lighting

Time:2018/8/21  keywords:Manufacture Lighting


Manufacturing Lighting is used in the production area which lighting system keeps up around 10-24 hours per working day. Lighting upgrades can save industrial users money through efficiency improvements, but higher-quality lighting can produce even more substantial benefits by increasing the productivity of the people working in the space. In fact, the average commercial facility spends more than 400 times as much on salaries and benefits for employees as it does on lighting.  For

this reason, it is extremely important to select lighting options that reduce eye strain, boost mood, and protect safety.

Some areas of manufacturing facility often have multiple tasks. It is necessary to rank the tasks by importance, prevalence, or frequency to determine the commonly occurring task with the highest recommended illuminance. It is wasteful to provide the highest illuminance level with the area lighting system. LED Lighting is the ideal solution for a retrofit of existing MH/HID fixtures, or specifying lighting for a new facility. More over  DALI, wireless ZigBee, daylight harvestiong /motion/PIR sensor, 1-10V dimming controls, IoTs can be added to the system, with help of those intelligent control, Fittings can be controlled fixture-by-fixture and cell-by-cell, generate energy savings, and meet changing operations needs.